You can book 1Hour lesson $60 _ You never learn any vehicle due to lack of time,

if you want to know what’s your mistake you done in the lesson and How to improve _  i need at least 15 min for conversation, Tell Me___Now in 45 min how could you drive 20 to 30 km


We offer Pass-Guaranteed package that best suits you (Every Day 2Hours)

12 HOURS lesson + Hire Car for Test : One time Payment : $600

Even you Fail in your test, we can assess you again and provide Car for 2nd test for free of cost.

****Practice Road Rules Test: Click here to take the Training Video****


Booking Fee: Requires a payment of a booking fee for your practical driving test. This does not form part of your costs on the day of your actual test. If you prefer, we can also pay your booking on your behalf with an addition of a small administration fee.